I’ve got a long way to go…

… or “Where did my fitness go??”

Okaaaaay. The road to this first mini-sprint triathlon is trickier than I expected. Last year around the same period, when I was 10kg lighter and most of all much fitter than now, swimming 250m really wouldn’t have been too much of a problem. (I’m talking 250m breaststroke here, because front crawl is way, way out of my reach. I can hold it for one length, but for the rest… pffff!)

So today was a bit of a disappointment. I didn’t count how many lengths I did, but it probably was around 25. All breaststrokes. At a slowpoke tempo (approx. 50 sec/length). With 15 seconds breaks in-between. And I was dead tired after only doing 5 lengths or so. Ugh! Where did my fitness go??

Oh I know where it went. It melted away when I hit my personal wall and couldn’t run, swim, bike or do any kind of physical activity anymore last year. And then struggled to get back on track for months. And here I am, 10kg heavier (which just adds up to my current overweightness), totally unfit, wanting to pick up where I left when I was at my ‘best shape ever’. Of course I’m out for a disappointment…

So for now I’ll concentrate my efforts in getting back on track with the running, as some races are coming up and I really want to do well, i.e. not finish last! And I’ll add one easy swimming training per week, along with some core trainings and weight trainings whenever possible. In a couple of weeks I should be slowly getting back in shape. Then, I’ll look into swimming more seriously, along with some cycling. The weather should be better for that anyway.

I’m not aiming at finishing this triathlon at a specific ranking, I just want to finish it. Even if this means finishing last!


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