Slow week

Slow week, in all possible meanings of the word ‘slow’. My attempt at jogging on Sunday resulted in me huffing and puffing like never before after barely 90 seconds. And I wasn’t even going at a faster pace than my normal pace (which is already snail-pace anyway)! The plan was to make 2 rounds around a small park, for a total of 3 km. No, I was not planning on running the 3 km without stopping, I just wanted to build up some endurance by jogging at a slow pace for as long as I could, then take a walk break, resume jogging until I needed a walk break again, etc. The ‘as long as I could’ ended up being 90 seconds. Needless to say, I was almost in tears of disappointment seeing how unfit I was. 

And instead of kicking myself in the butt and go for a jog on Tuesday and Thursday, as planned, I curled up in a ball and stayed comfortably warm inside. What a wuss. I complain that I am unfit and untrained, but instead of grabbing the bull by the horns and resume training, I just find excuse after excuse for not going.

I am hoping for better times this weekend.

I will get there.

I will train.

And I will get fit again.


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