Fast-paced weeks, slowpoke running

I haven’t abandoned running, I’m still regularly training at least once a week, with an average of twice a week. Things are going fine, it’s just that I’m so incredibly slow, that I wonder if should even dare show up on race day in a few weeks. At least last year I was faster, fitter, lighter and just better in general. I was comparing last spring’s stats with these week’s stats, for the same training and… wow… I was speechless. While I could hold on with an average speed of 7.5km/h (average made of my running AND walking speeds) in April and May of last year, I make it barely over 6km/h now. I feel so ashamed, unfit, untrained and well, fat.

I’m not giving up, because I want to get better, and I know that I will get better. Eventually. As much as I love races, I think I’m going to skip the one I have planned for next month. It’s just not worth it. I know it takes someone to finish last, but I’d prefer it not being me… At the pace I’m running I think everybody would have just gone home already by the time I cross the finish line. So I’m concentrating myself on the coming summer’s triathlon – for now I’m building up a bit of endurance with running, then I’ll work on speed work. By July I should have regained a decent pace. Maybe not as fast as last year’s, but still decent.

I’m still not into swim training though, even if I know I really should. I live a short walk away from a great pool complex, the only problem is that it’s barely never open for ‘lanes swimming’. I’ve been checking for another pool in my area, but not having a car AND having a super busy schedule really doesn’t make it any easier. I’m working on the car thing, I hope I can get my license before the summer 😉 

So back to running only. Today’s training should contain bits of 7 minutes. I’m curious to see how I’ll do and if I can speed it up a bit!


2 thoughts on “Fast-paced weeks, slowpoke running

  1. You can say what you want and be ashamed of whatever, but planning a triathlon is just proof of what you’re really worth.

    Even the *idea* of a triathlon makes me want to hide !

    You just rock, girl 😉

  2. Don’t give up the next race!! Just get out there and do it anyway! You’ll feel better having completed it..and no matter where you place, just remind yourself how many people out in the world can’t even finish at all, and then be proud of yourself that you can. Keep it up!

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