Vote for me!

Steve in a Speedo is holding a voting contest for the best ‘Tale of a Virgin Athlete’. My entry made it through the first voting and is now in the Top 10! Vote for my story and who knows, maybe I’ll make it as one of the winners! 😉


7 thoughts on “Vote for me!

  1. Hi Marie-Claude,
    I read your Virgin story at Steves blog and was so surprised you are Dutch. So I surfed to your website and whad did I see.
    Upcoming event Vrouwentriathlon. I’m organising that triathlon!!! Small world isn’t it! I’ll post an oproep at the vrouwentriathlon Hyves and ask the women to vote for you.
    Regards Karlijn

  2. Hi Karlijn,
    It’s a veeeeeerry small world indeed 🙂 (I’m a Dutchie by adoption, in reality I’m Canadian but I’ve been living in Holland for 7 years now ;))
    Thanks so much for the oproep!! I’ll do my best to come up with a great Tale of a Virgin Triathlete story this summer!

  3. Hi. I read your story and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. I can see why you made the finals. Good luck!

  4. Hi Marie-Claude:

    I really enjoyed your post on Steve’s blog (I voted!). You’re an inspiration to me. Your story conveyed a sense of joy in getting out there and doing something, challenging yourself, doing the best at something difficult– that can be easy to lose. I know I get caught up in the numbers – what place was I, did I hit the pace I wanted to – when perhaps I should think, did I have fun and did I do my best.

    William (PS I’m the Will on Steve’s latest posting).

  5. Hi Marie-Claude –

    Just read you’re entry over at Steve Speedo’s place and wanted to tell you great job! It’s not about the speed, it’s about the journey. I hope you continue to enjoy it

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