Why is it harder on the way back?

I cycled to and from work on Wednesday, as planned. The morning ride went fine, even though I could feel my body still having issues with the training I did at the gym on Monday. My legs were a bit stiff and I had an overall feeling of tiredness.  Nevertheless, I did 25.21 km in 1:16:44 according to my Garmin, with an average 3:03/km. Not bad. Incredibly slow for the Tour de France, but decent speed for little me. (Note: the time given is the cycling time only. My Garmin stops whenever I stop for a break and resumes when I start moving again.)

The way back was even more painful: I was just. dead. tired. After just 5 km I was ready to call it quits and call my husband so he comes pick me up. But I convinced myself to just cycle to that bridge 3 km further, take a break there and then decide if I should call the hubby. I made it to the bridge, drank some water, stretched my back a bit and just carried on cycling. I then challenged myself to make it to the next bridge, about 5 km further, take a break, and then see what I wanted to do.  I made it to the bridge and was forced to take a longer break than planned because the bridge went up to let a couple of tall boats pass. This longer break helped me recover better and seeing that I was about half-way, I just kept on cycling and challenged myself to reach one landmark after the other (‘just reach the village’, ‘make it to the end of this stretch’, etc.)… and I made it home eventually. It’s no surprise that I was a little slower on the way back, with 25.2 km in 1:21:29, with an average of 3:14/km. Still, I actually expected my time to be much slower than that!

All in all, I was glad I made it home and proud of myself for not giving up.

The only thing I gave up was going to the gym afterwards. Sorry coach, but there was just NO WAY I could lift even my little finger on Wednesday evening. I’m going Saturday morning instead. They have a spinning lesson around 10:15, which is perfect.

The weather next week seems to be warm, sunny and with not too much wind, so I’ll give cycling to work a try once or twice. I need to get it shape…


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