Cycling craze

While I wait until my weight is down to an acceptable number to start running again, I’m doing as much cycling as I can. I’m still far, far, far away from a decent speed, but I think I’m getting there. And I know that with regular training, I’ll have more endurance and get faster.

I totally PR’ed yesterday when I cycled to work, I was flying! 25.21 km in 1:12:45, with an average pace of 2:53/km. I know, it’s still slow. I certainly ain’t going to win any time trial events with such a speed 😉 And I keep on seeing super-cyclists just whiz passed me… *sigh* But it’s still an improvement on my previous times!

I think I (sort of) figured why I always felt like I worked much harder on the way back: besides the wind, which is harder at the end of the afternoon than early in the morning, I’m actually going up on the way back. There isn’t a huge difference, but I can see the line clearly going up in the Garmin Training Center. It makes sense. The airport nearby where I work is located below see level…

I hope the weather will be nice weekend, I really want to go in-line skating on Sunday! That should be a good workout for my thighs 😉

Oh and I signed up for the Ladies Ride in Den Bosch in September. For the first time I ticked the ‘racing bike’ box… it feels special 😉