Back to the gym!

My successive failures at going to the swimming pool for aquajogging or aquarobics made me realise I had to do something about that exercise problem. The perspective of leaving my warm, cosy, comfy home in the middle of the evening to go splish and splash in cold water just wasn’t appealing to me. But I’m still too heavy (and too out of shape!) to start running again, so I had to look for an alternative: the gym.

It’s a big step. Being surrounded by all those people with great bodies is intimidating. I always feel like they are staring at me. I know they aren’t, that it’s just my mind being paranoid. So I signed up, and guess what? I actually went.

I didn’t do much, just a small 20 minutes speed walking on the treadmill and then 20 minutes on the stationary bike. But the most important thing to me is that I did go. And I enjoyed it. And I will go back.

Small steps, small steps!


It’s time I do something

Right, so I haven’t been here in a while. I haven’t done any kind of physical activity in a while. It reflects on my weight. I’ve gained quite a bit of isolation material in the past few years.

I took a drastic decision, a life-changing decision. I underwent gastric-bypass precisely one month ago. The recovery period is long and hardeous, but now it’s time to get into action.

But I’m soooo out of shape. It’s not even funny.

So tomorrow, I’ll start with some aquajogging at my neighborhood swimming pool. Let’s see if that helps me get back into shape. And one day, very soon I hope, I’ll step in my running shoes again.