My Story

I’ve never really been fit or a sports fanatic. And over time, I gained a lot of weight. And in October 2012, after too many failed attempts at losing weight, I had gastric bypass surgery (also called weight loss surgery — WLS).

This is me, on the left, the day before I had a gastric bypass operation (2012); right was taken in March 2017 when I broke my personal deadlift record (90kg x 3, if you’re wondering).

L’image contient peut-être : 2 personnes, intérieur

I know many people consider WLS the easy way out. They say we are weak for choosing this method, that we have no willpower. All I can say is: WLS changed my life, and it saved my life, too. As you might know, following WLS, I enlisted the services of a wonderful personal trainer, who got me into shape and pushed me towards my goals. Within a year post-op, I finished a super-sprint triathlon, something I never imagined I’d be capable of doing (yes, I finished DFL — but I finished!)

Throughout the years, he kept me going when I was drowning within the depths of depression, and when my motivation was nowhere to be found. Honestly, he’s been the best therapist I’ve ever had! And I would love to provide the same support and motivation to WLS patients, and help them embrace an active lifestyle post-surgery. That’s my main reason for embarking on this journey to become a trainer. I want to pass on to others the fantastic gift I’ve been given.

I want to inspire all those wishing to make a positive change by adopting an active lifestyle. With a generous dose of empathy, inspiration and motivation, I want to help you — yes YOU! — achieve your own goals.


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