Weight off my shoulders

I’m in my first long-ish weight loss stall since WLS! My scale still indicates I’m losing body fat and gaining muscles, so I’m not worried too much, but I’d be lying if I’d say I wasn’t frustrated… I’m still training  5-6 days per week, a mix of biking, running, boot camp style training and strength training, and sometimes I have trouble seeing the results of all of my hard work. I talked to my personal trainer about my frustration, and he worked up a weight lifting session for me. I thought it was just to boost my metabolism a bit through strength training, but he had actually another idea in mind!

foto 1On this picture, I’m dead-lifting exactly the amount of weight I lost since WLS. It was HEAVY. It was HARD. Then came the realization that I was carrying all this weight around for so long, all day, every day. When you are so heavy, even though you know you are heavy, you don’t really feel it. It creeps in slowly, pound by pound. You feel pain in your joints, your feet, but you don’t really feel the extra weight. It was a great feeling to literally feel the weight come off my shoulders as I put the barbell back on the floor. And then I looked closely at the pictures my personal trainer made and sent to me — and I saw my shoulders and arms muscles. DAYIM! No way I would have been able to dead-lift this amount of weight just 6 months ago. Now I see all the hard work of the past months, now I see it has paid off. And I can tell you, it’s only the beginning!

I’ve also had a very constructive conversation with the dietitian who is following me post-WLS. Basically, I’m not eating enough for the amount of exercise I’m doing, and I’m not refueling properly. The day after a particularly intense training session or long run, I’m always ravenous. I could eat everything and anything, and this usually leads to me eating too much at a time (and reach for all the bad stuff with too much sugar and fat), and my pouch really doesn’t like it! She told me to keep my current diet, but to add recovery snacks high in protein and carbs post-exercise, and always keep a protein shake at hand, so I don’t grab the wrong foods when I feel hungry. I’ve been putting this new diet in practice last week, and I must admit I’ve felt much better. I have more energy when exercising, and I don’t feel like I could eat a horse the following day.

And I’ll definitely keep putting the dietitian’s advice in practice, because my first ever triathlon is in less than three weeks! OMG! I’m staring to freak a little. Scared that I’m not fit enough, that I’m too slow, that I just can’t swim properly… arrrgghhhhhh I know I should stop this negative talk and think happy thoughts, but it’s hard!